Busing & Parking

Skiers will be bused from the finish line at County Highway OO parking lot, back to Hayward Public Beach and Donnellan’s Field. We will also have a spectator bus near the Hayward Public Beach Saturday morning until 11:15 a.m. at which time the buses leave for the finish at County Highway OO (Birkie trailhead parking lot).Spectators are welcome to join us at the finish at OO.

Parking Cars, Pre-Race

Ample parking will be available at several locations in proximity to the start. Parking is not allowed at The Fishing Hall of Fame parking lot (by the Big Fish). Adjacent areas will be opened for racer and spectator parking along with parking at Donnellan’s Field located behind Hayward Amusement Center and across from Arclin. We discourage any parking on Lake Hayward as ice conditions can very greatly year-to-year.