Awards Banquet Held Thursday, September 22, 2016

This was a fall to be long remembered for all of the rain. The rain on September 22nd held off so the awards banquet attendees were able to come and go without getting soaked. The awards banquet was held at the Hayward VFW Community Center. The meal was catered by Lynn’s Quality Meats. The menu was: roast beef, fried chicken, cheesy potatoes, cole slaw, baked beans and the dessert was homemade apple crisp. The group of about 60 people really enjoyed the meal! The master of ceremonies for the banquet was Nels Beckman (president of the Hayward Lions Club).

District Governor Ron O’Connell and his wife Rosie were in attendance. District Governor Ron gave a short speech on what he envisioned as his mission for the year of his term. This year Mary Wright made the “fun awards” and was the also the presenter of the awards. Some of the “fun awards” and their recipients were: Nels Beckman (corn), Nancy Nelson (biscuit maker), Gary Nelson (corn knife), Barb Sealey (candy bar bucket), Chuck Aubart (golf balls bucket), Dick Grundersom and Ray Moeller (golf clubs), Tina Causey (chef cap), Tom Mansfield (fish) and Dave McIntosh.

The Hayward Lioness Club awarded a very special award, Knight of Sight Fellowship) to Nancy Grothe. The Hayward Lioness club disbanded in June, 2016 due to declining membership. Nancy Grothe was the chairperson for the vision testing done by the Lions/Lioness clubs. The Knight of Sight is the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin’s highest form of recognition presented to an individual by their club.

The following major awards were presented:

Melvin Jones Fellow–Larry Gilmer
Burch Sturm Fellowship–Mary Wright
Lion of the Year–Stephanie Poplin
Rookie of the Year–Linda Euneau
Knight of Sight Fellowship–Nancy Grothe
Community Service Awards–Lynn’s Custom Meats, Mark Simono
Certificate of Appreciation: Rob and Chandra Susedik

Hayward Lions Club officers for the year will be:

President–Nels Beckman
1st Vice-President–Gary Nelson
2nd Vice-President–Cliff Williams
3rd Vice-President–Mary Wright
Treasurer–Liz Korpal
Secretary–Tina Causey
WLF Liason–Barb Sealey
Lion Tamer–Jeff Hubbard
Tail Twister–Linda Euneau
Past President–Chuck Aubart
Membership–Derek Winter
Directors 1 yr.–Dick Langton, Mike Boyer
Directors 2 yrs.–Tim Donovan, Gary Wright
Publicity–Larry Gilmer
Chaplin–Cliff Williams

If interested in viewing some photos of the event, please go to the Hayward Lions Club web site ( and look under the photos tab.