Deer Hides for Lions Camp

It’s hunting season!! If you are a deer hunter and want to put your deer hides to good use, the Hayward Lions Club is sponsoring a Deer Hide Collection at the Lions shed on Town Industrial Park Road. The deer hides can be placed in the large wooden box outside the gate of the shed. The wooden box is marked “Deer Hides”.

All proceeds from the deer hides will be used for the Wisconsin Lions Camp to help serve the needs of others. The Wisconsin Lions Camp began in 1956 and has been dedicated to providing a quality camping experience for people with disabilities. There is no cost for participation in the summer camp program, so contributions are vital to the operation of Lions Camp.

Please help by donating your deer hides. For more information, contact Lions Ray Moeller (715-634-4911) or Bill Moebs (715-634-6175) or visit the Wisconsin Lions Foundation Website