Hayward Lions Awards Banquet Held September 28, 2017

Last year the fall season seemed to be rainy–this fall season was probably worse.  The rain held off  just at the right time so that a good representation of the Hayward Lions Club was able to attend the banquet held at the Hayward Veterans Community Center.  There were about 70 members in attendance.  The meal was catered by Lynn’s Quality Meats.  The menu was:  BBQ pork, fried chicken, green beans, potatoes and there was a good assortment of desserts.   Lynn did a great job preparing the food and the group really enjoyed the meal.  The master of ceremonies for the awards banquet was Gary Nelson (president of the Hayward Lions).  

District Governor Lee Vriese and his wife Mary were the honored guests.  District Governor Lee gave a short speech on what he envisioned as his mission for the year of his term.  This year Mary Wright made and presented the “fun awards”.  Some of the recipients were:  Nancy Nelson (ear plugs), Tina Causey (egg beater), Gary Nelson (golden bag for corn), Harold Houk (pop corn box), Chandra Susedik (golden plunger), Barb Sealey (large candy bar), District Governor Lee Vriese (model plane), Ray Moeller (toy truck) and Nels Beckman (ice cream cone).  

The following major awards were presented:

Melvin Jones Fellow–Tina Causey

Burch Sturm Fellowship–Jim Ahrens

Lion of the Year–Tim Donovan

Rookies of the Year–Tori and Dennis Nelson

Knight of Sight Fellowship–Russ Haling

Certificate of Appreciation–Jeff Hubbard (fall color tour)

Certificate of Appreciation–Tina Causey (pancake breakfast)

Certificate of Appreciation–Cliff Williams (Chaplain)

Certificate of Appreciation–Kit Morse and Tim Donovan (eye glasses project)

Certificate of  Appreciation–Liz Korpal (helping Nels Beckman during his year as president)

Certificate of Appreciation–Stephanie Poplin (recruiting new members)


Hayward Lions Club officers for the year 2017-2018 will be:

President–Gary Nelson

1st Vice President–Cliff Williams

2nd Vice President–Mary Wright

3rd Vice President–Jeff Hubbard

Treasurer–Liz Korpal

Secretary/Membership–Tina Causey

WLF Liason–Barb Sealey

Lion Tamer–Mike Boyer

Tail Twister–Linda Euneau

Directors 1 Year–Tim Donovan and Gary Wright

Directors 2 Years–Harold Houk and Rob Susedik

Publicity–Larry Gilmer

Chaplain–Cliff Williams

If interested in viewing some of the photos taken during the awards banquet, please go to the Hayward Lions Club web site (haywardlions.com) and look under the photos tab.