Lions Collect Deer Hides

The Hayward Lions Club over the past several years has collected deer hides. This year was no exception. The collection box was located outside the gate to the Lions Shed on Town Industrial Park Road. The deer hides were collected state wide by all of the Lions Clubs in the state of Wisconsin. Once the hides were collected state wide–they were sold. This year the hides project earned over $96,000. The funds collected by the deer hides was given to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation. The WLF (Wisconsin Lions Foundation) has the following projects: Lions Camp, Eyeglass Recycling, Hearing Aid Project, Vision Screening, Diabetes Awareness and Youth Activities.

Lions Camp. This quality camping experience is provided free-of-charge to eligible youth and adults with disabilities from Wisconsin. The camp serves youth and adults who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, youth who function socially or educationally as having a mild cognitive disability and youth with diabetes. The camp serves over 1,300 campers per summer.

Eyeglass Recycling Center. The Eyeglass Recycling Center is one of only 19 LCI Certified Recycling Centers in the world. Over 800,000 pairs of glasses are processed annually at the Center with over 450,000 pairs being sent to 49 different developing countries. Eyeglasses received at the eyeglass facility at Lions Camp are sorted, cleaned, categorized, bagged and boxed in preparation for shipment to developing countries.

Hearing Aid Project: The objectives of the project are to: (1) Promote public awareness of the scope of hearing loss and its effect on the individual and society, (2) Increase public knowledge about prevention, recognition, and treatment for the hard of hearing, (3) Collect and recycle both functioning and non-functioning used hearing aids for salvage credit, allowing the purchase of new hearing aids for recipients of the Lions Hearing Project.

Vision Screening: The Wisconsin Lions Foundation helps to fight against blindness and to ensure that every child from six months to eighteen years old sees properly. Through the efforts of local Lions and Lioness Clubs, screenings are taking place in their local day care and preschool facilities.

Diabetes Awareness: Diabetes Alert Day is a one-day “wake-up call” asking the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes and help educate them about this growing epidemic.

Youth Activities: The Wisconsin Lions Foundation sponsors teacher training workshops, throughout Wisconsin that utilize the extremely popular and timely Lions Quest Programs “Skills for Adolescence”, “Skills for Growing” and “Skills for Action”. These Lions Quest Programs are comprehensive skills development programs for young people in grades K-12. They are positive prevention programs, intended to equip young people with the ability to say “No” to negative peer pressure and drug and alcohol abuse.