Lions Serve Community Dinner May 4, 2016

The Hayward Lions Club served the Community Dinner at the First Lutheran Church of Hayward the evening of May 4, 2016. For almost 20 years, the First Lutheran Church has been the site of the Wednesday Community Dinners–even when Wednesday fell on a holiday–the Community Dinner has been served.

Several groups other than the Hayward Lions Club have been responsible for the Wednesday Community Dinner. Some of the other groups are: Episcopal Church of the Ascension, St. Joseph Catholic, United Methodist Church and Peoples Bank. Each organization takes one Wednesday per month. The meals are served basically year around. Peoples Bank has on occasion taken a whole month themselves. The First Lutheran Church is always looking for groups/individuals willing to cook/serve the Community Dinner.

If interested in serving, please call: 715.634.2141. Generally the group cooking/serving the dinner pays for the cost of the food–however it is possible the church would pay the cost of the food when a group feels the cost would be unaffordable.

This month, the Lions Club served 81 dinners in the dining area of the church and served 13 take outs. The menu was picnic style–brats (served 100), hot dogs (served 50), potato salad, baked beans, many assorted desserts, milk, water, coffee and tea. Sauerkraut was served as a topping for the brats and hot dogs (for those desiring). The Hayward Lions has a special recipe for the sauerkraut they serve–this is not your usual sauerkraut from a can–they add some “secret” ingredients. Mary Wright made both the baked beans and the potato salad. Mary has quite a reputation in the Lions Club for her really good chili, potato salad and baked beans. The desserts were furnished by MarketPlace IGA. Mary Wright was the chairperson.