Lions Serve Community Dinner November 16, 2016

Mary Wright prepared her soon to be famous beef stew and Dave McIntosh baked two of his very poplar cheese cakes (New York Cherry and Pumpkin Pecan). The people attending the meal were delighted. The Hayward Lions Club fed 80 people in the dining area and served 10 carry outs. The evening meal was: beef stew, green beans, cole slaw and dinner roll. Second servings were given for those wishing more food. Beverages were: coffee, tea and milk. Numerous food items were donated by Gordy’s (pumpkin and pecan pies, dinner rolls, bread and donut holes). The evening meal was served at the First Lutheran Church of Hayward. For almost 20 years, the First Lutheran Church of Hayward has been the site of the Wednesday Community Dinners–even when Wednesday has fallen on a holiday–the Community Dinner was served. Mary Wright was the chairperson.