Lions Serve December Community Dinner

The Hayward Lions Club served their December, 2014 community dinner at the First Lutheran Church (Hayward) on December 10th. The winter weather was cold and blustery. It was a good evening for about 70 people to gather and eat a “home cooked” warm meal. The meal this month was: ham, chessy potatoes, green beans, pineapple Jello salad and desert (pumpkin pie and glazed donuts). The deserts were furnished by MarketPlace. The Lions purchased the rest of the food, prepared the meal, served the meal and did the cleanup after the meal. The Lions started serving monthly community dinners in October, 2014 and they will continue through June, 2015. Dinners are not served through the summer months.

The chairpersons for the dinner were: Mary Wright and Nancy Grothe. Please go to the photo section of the web site for photos of the event.