Musky Fest 2015

Musky Fest 2015 was held June 26, 27 and 28. This was the 66th year for Musky Fest. The weather cooperated beautifully–the spring and early summer of 2015 was very wet–far above average rainfall. But–the weather for Musky Fest couldn’t have been better. The highs were in the upper 70s. The crowd attending Musky Fest seemed to be slightly less than past years. There were three blues festivals within a 50 mile radius of Hayward the same weekend as Musky Fest. This might have been a factor causing a small crowd–it certainly wasn’t due to the weather!

Liz Korpal was the chairperson for the event. She does an extremely fine job of organizing the work crew and ordering the food that is needed for the event. Nancy and Gary Nelson were co-chairs. It takes a real team effort by the Hayward Lions club to “pull off” providing food and drink for those attending the Musky Fest. The food trailer served pulled pork, hamburger, brat and hot dog sandwiches. The BBQ pulled pork was cooked by Lion Chuck Aubart. This was a real “crowd pleaser”. The beer tent served beer, wine, pop and water. The featured wines came from Hookstone Winery.

Erin Roehl was the chairperson for the fishing contest. This event is certainly one of the “high points” of the weekend. The event again this year was catch and release. The catch and release concept has proven to be very poplar with the local community as well as those participating in the fishing contest. There are numerous fishing contests in the Hayward area over the course of the summer–under these conditions it is imperative to have a fishing contest of this magnitude based on the catch and release concept. It takes a lot of time and organization to make this event a success. This event is called Musky Fest–it is certainly fitting to have a well organized fishing contest as part of the weekend activities.

Every young person (age 12 and under) who registered at the fishing booth (next to the Lions food station) got either a youth life jacket or a rod/reel combo. There were about 100 young people who registered. In order for the young contestant to receive their gift, they only needed to bring in a photo showing a fish they caught (the fish can be of any size). Some of the young contestants were seen at Shue Pond catching their fish for the fishing contest. Walgreens and Walmart cooperated by providing free photos of the fish caught by the young contestants.

The youth division had the following categories: Musky, Walleye, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Crappie and Bluegill. First and second place prizes were given in each category. The following were the first place youth winners in each category. Musky (none); Walleye, Michael Schwelz (28 1/2 in.); Northern Pike, Carter Murray (40 in.); Largemouth Bass, Maximus (Bear) Martens (18 in.); Smallmouth Bass, Andrew Hock (21 inc.); Crappie, Ethan Constantine (11 in.); Bluegill, Bradley Hock (9 1/2 in.).

The adult first place winners in each category were: Musky, Andy Carlson (48 in.); Walleye, Eli Danielson (24 1/2 in.); Northern Pike, Charly Kellam (34 in.); Largemouth Bass, Katie Chipman (19); Smallmouth Bass, (none); Perch, Carl Kozak (9 in.); Crappie, Phillips Koss (10 1/2 in.); Bluegill, Jacob Berstph (11 1/2 in.) There were more than 32 prizes given out regarding the fishing contest. There were also numerous raffle prizes.

Chuck Roehl conducted a fishing seminar on Sunday morning (June 28) in front of the main stage. Chuck is a local fishing guide. His speciality is musky fishing. He kept the crowd will entertained with his musky fishing stories and explaining the different techniques he uses to catch record setting muskies.