Nancy Grothe Receives Knight of Sight Fellowship Award

The Hayward Lions and the Hayward Lioness clubs held their joint awards banquet on September 22, 2016. This was the last year the two clubs will hold a joint awards banquet due to the fact the Hayward Lioness Club has disbanded as of June, 2016. Nancy Grothe is a member of the Hayward Lions Club and the Hayward Lioness Club.

The Hayward Lioness Club presented Nancy Grothe with the Knight of Sight Fellowship award. Nancy was the chairperson for the local vision testing done by the Lions/Lioness clubs. Nancy held the position of chairperson for many years. One of the primary goals of Lions International is to tirelessly aid the blind and visually impaired. The Knight of Sight Fellowship award is the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin highest form of recognition presented to an individual by their local club.

Nancy richly deserves this award. She has tirelessly served the Hayward Lions/Lioness Clubs for many years.