Lions Serve Community Dinner

The Hayward Lions Club served their monthly community dinner at the First Lutheran Church on January 17, 2018.  The club serves a dinner about once a month.  This month, the club served a spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings to about 80 people (64 dined at church and 16 carry outs).  Mary Wright was the chairperson.  

Pre-Birkie 2018

The morning of February 10, 2018, was a cold one!  The temperature at the start of the race was about -5 degrees.  But, the very cold temperature did not keep  nearly 800 hardy cross-country skiers from competing in the Hayward Lions Club 36th Pre-Birkie.  At least it was sunny for the race–this helped from a psychological stand point.There were 353 skiers that finished the 26-kilometer short race and 373 skiers finished the 42-kilometer marathon.  The race draws skiers from all over the Midwest.    The skiers were served brats, beer and donuts at the end of the race.  

Hayward Lions Awards Banquet Held September 28, 2017

Last year the fall season seemed to be rainy–this fall season was probably worse.  The rain held off  just at the right time so that a good representation of the Hayward Lions Club was able to attend the banquet held at the Hayward Veterans Community Center.  There were about 70 members in attendance.  The meal was catered by Lynn’s Quality Meats.  The menu was:  BBQ pork, fried chicken, green beans, potatoes and there was a good assortment of desserts.   Lynn did a great job preparing the food and the group really enjoyed the meal.  The master of ceremonies for the awards banquet was Gary Nelson (president of the Hayward Lions).  

District Governor Lee Vriese and his wife Mary were the honored guests.  District Governor Lee gave a short speech on what he envisioned as his mission for the year of his term.  This year Mary Wright made and presented the “fun awards”.  Some of the recipients were:  Nancy Nelson (ear plugs), Tina Causey (egg beater), Gary Nelson (golden bag for corn), Harold Houk (pop corn box), Chandra Susedik (golden plunger), Barb Sealey (large candy bar), District Governor Lee Vriese (model plane), Ray Moeller (toy truck) and Nels Beckman (ice cream cone).  

The following major awards were presented:

Melvin Jones Fellow–Tina Causey

Burch Sturm Fellowship–Jim Ahrens

Lion of the Year–Tim Donovan

Rookies of the Year–Tori and Dennis Nelson

Knight of Sight Fellowship–Russ Haling

Certificate of Appreciation–Jeff Hubbard (fall color tour)

Certificate of Appreciation–Tina Causey (pancake breakfast)

Certificate of Appreciation–Cliff Williams (Chaplain)

Certificate of Appreciation–Kit Morse and Tim Donovan (eye glasses project)

Certificate of  Appreciation–Liz Korpal (helping Nels Beckman during his year as president)

Certificate of Appreciation–Stephanie Poplin (recruiting new members)


Hayward Lions Club officers for the year 2017-2018 will be:

President–Gary Nelson

1st Vice President–Cliff Williams

2nd Vice President–Mary Wright

3rd Vice President–Jeff Hubbard

Treasurer–Liz Korpal

Secretary/Membership–Tina Causey

WLF Liason–Barb Sealey

Lion Tamer–Mike Boyer

Tail Twister–Linda Euneau

Directors 1 Year–Tim Donovan and Gary Wright

Directors 2 Years–Harold Houk and Rob Susedik

Publicity–Larry Gilmer

Chaplain–Cliff Williams

If interested in viewing some of the photos taken during the awards banquet, please go to the Hayward Lions Club web site ( and look under the photos tab.


Lions Sponsored White Team Earns Second Place

The Hayward Lions Club each year sponsors a young women’s softball team.  The team this year was in the bracket of 2-3-4.  This means the young women participating on this team were in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grades.  The team this year finished in second place.  Please go to the “photo” section of this web page to view a picture of the team.  

Hayward Lions Club Officers & Directors 2017-2018

President:  Gary Nelson

1st. Vice President:  Cliff Williams

2nd Vice President:  Mary Wright

3rd Vice President:  Jeff Hubbard

Treasurer:  Liz Korpal

Secretary:  Tina Causey

Membership:  Tina Causey

Lion Tamer:  Mike Boyer

Director 1 Yr.:  Tim Donovan

Director 1 Yr.:  Gary Wright

Director 2 Yr.:  Harold Houk

Director 2 Yr.:  Rob Susedik

Tail Twister:  Linda Euneau

Chaplain:  Cliff Williams

Past President:  Nels Beckman

WLF Liason:  Barb Sealey

Musky Fest 2017

Musky Fest 2017 will long be remembered for the lousy weather.  The week of Musky Fest was:  June 23, 24 and 25.  The temperature was about 10 degrees below normal and the rainfall was well above normal.  When it wasn’t raining, there were  good crowds in the downtown business district.  The date for Musky Fest was moved back to the normal date (the last weekend in June).  Last year Musky Fest was held closer to the middle of June.  The date last year was moved to the middle of June hoping the change would draw larger crowds.  It didn’t work out as anticipated–the crowd was far less than normal and the weather was perfect.

The Hayward Lions had their usual beer tent and food station.  This year the beer was served in cans instead of from the tap.  The customers seemed to enjoy the ice cold cans of beer.  The food station provided:  brats (sauerkraut was available), hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork and steak sandwiches.  Chuck (Hogman) Aubart was the BBQ chef that cooked the pulled pork.  All the usual condiments were available.

Erin Roehl was the chairperson for the fishing contest.  Special assistants were:  Darby Roehl and Kortney Drake.  This event was certainly one of the “high points” of the weekend.  The event was catch and release (this has been the case for many years).  The catch and release concept has proven to be very poplar with the local community as well as those participating in the fishing contest.  There are numerous fishing contests in the Hayward area over the course of the summer–under these conditions it is imperative to have a fishing contest of this magnitude based on the catch and release concept.  It takes a lot of time and organization to make this event a success.  This event is called Musky Fest–it is certainly fitting to have a well organized fishing contest as part of the weekend activities.  Musky Fest celebrated their 68th anniversary–the Hayward Lions Club has been the sponsor for the fishing contest most of that time.

There was an added feature to the fishing event this year.  In cooperation with the Hayward Chamber of Commerce and Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin, the Hayward Lions Club offered a $100,000 prize to any person catching the first certified state of Wisconsin record fish during Musky Fest.  This fishing contest was entitled:  $100,000 Musky Fest Lions Family Fishing Spectacular!  The fish categories for receiving the prize were:  musky, tiger musky, northern pike, black crappie and small mouth bass.  Contestants paid a $5 registration fee to be entered in this contest.  The application form indicated the state record fish in each category.  The state record for each fish category is determined by weight and not length.  There weren’t any winners in this contest this year.  

Every young person (age 12 and under) who registered at the fishing booth, received a free rod/reel combo.  There were about 140 young people who registered for the fishing contest.  In order for the contestant to receive their free gift, they only needed to bring in a photo showing a fish they caught (the fish could be any size).  Some of the young contestants were seen at Shue Pons catching their fish for the fishing contest.  Frank Pratt was available at She Pond for tips on how to catch fish.  Walgreens and Walmart cooperated by providing free photos of the fish caught by the young contestants.  It was also possible to take a photo on a cell phone and then show that photo to the fishing booth attendant.  This year the DNR tagged several fish (about 50) and placed them in Shue Pond.  If a young person caught one of the tagged fish, they received a savings bond valued at $250.   There were six young people who caught tagged fish.

Each person who entered a musky got a trophy.  The winners in this category were:  Chloe Lemke, Mary Anderson, Mark Anderson, Jon Klohs, Derek Holmberg and Luke Stone.  The biggest musky was caught by Luke Stone (49 inches) and the second place winner was Derek Holmberg (46 1/8 in.).  All the trophies for this event were donated by Muskies Inc.

The adult first place winners in each category were:  Musky, Luke Stone (49 in.); Walleye, Jordan Miller (31 3/4 in.); Northern, Cheryl Radloff (28 1/2 in.); Large Mouth Bass, Joan Christopherson (19 1/8 in.);  Small Mouth Bass, Barry Fjelstad (22 in.); Crappie, Tom Winter (9 1/2 in.); Panfish, Nick Schlender (9 in.); Perch, Carl Kozack (10 1/2 in.).  Each person receiving a first place award also received a $50 gift certificate.  

The adult second place winners in each category were:  Musky, Derek Holmberg (46 1/8 in.); Walleye, Walter Maieritsch (26 in.); Northern Pike, Peter Maieritsch (28 in.); Large Mouth Bass, Tom Winter (16 1/2 in.); Small Mouth Bass, Trae Stone (17 in.); Crappie, Anna Winter (8 1/2 in.); Panfish, Carl Kozack (7 3/4 in.); Perch, Hannah Wilson (8 in.).  Each person receiving a second place award also received a $25 gift certificate.

The youth first place winners in each category were:  Musky, Chloe Lemke (8 in.), Walleye, Zach Kruger (24 in.); Northern Pike, Wyatt McPeake (24 in.); Large Mouth Bass, Maria Winter (8 3/4 in.); Small Mouth Bass, Lilly Roskoph (17 in.); Crappie, Tori Korich (10 in.); Panfish, Jenna Piwowarczyk (9 1/2 in.); Perch, Summer Piwowarczyk (11 1/2 in.).  Each person who received a first place award also got a $50 gift certificate.

The youth second place winners in each category were:  Musky, none; Walleye, Keaton Fjelstad (15 in.); Northern Pike, Casey Stiner (23 in.); Large Mouth Bass, Ruby Britton (15 3/4 in.); Small Mouth Bass, Liam Thomas (16 in.); Crappie, Sam Kruger (9 in.); Panfish, Brantley Fjelstad (8 1/4 in.); Perch, Lane Hare (7 in.).  Each youth who received a second place award also got a $25 gift certificate.

Liz Korpal was the chairperson for the food station and the beer tent.  The Hayward Lions Club owe Liz a large debt of gratitude for all the hard work (and time) she spends planning this annual event.  Liz has been the chairperson for this evernt for over a decade.  Special assistants to Liz were:  Gary and Nancy Nelson.  

The support of the following local businesses made the fishing contest possible.

SCOPE (Sawyer County Outdoor Projects & Education), Floor to Ceiling, Nelson Lumber, Outdoor Ventures, J-R Excavating, Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe, Revelle’s Resort & Lakeside Campground, Sportsmens Headquarters, O C Outfitters, Pat’s Landing, Treeland Resorts, Muskies Inc., Ultimate Auto Body, Lynn’s Custom Meat & Catering, Hayward Area Chamber of Commerce, Hanson Tire & Custom Exhaust, Duffy Law Office, FutureWood, Darrell’s Full Service, The Landing, Rydell Family Dental, Anderson, Hager & Moe, H & R Block, Hayward Community Credit Union, Lynne Marie’s Candies, Thomas J. Duffy, Northview Eye Clinic, Starbright Childcare, Coop’s Pizza, Chuck Roehl’s Guide Service, Steve Kelsey Appraisal, Inc., Anglers Bar & Grill, American Family Insurance, Rob Novak Agency, Moccasin Bar, Chippewa Valley Bank, Marketplace, L & M Fleet Supply, Earl’s Marine Service, Inc., DQ Grill & Chill, Art Beat, Fishing Has No Boundaries, Inc., Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin, Hayward Power Sports.

Please refer to the “Photo” section of this website for photos of this event.  


Big Cup Golf Outing June 9, 2017

It was a perfect day for golf.  The temperature was  about 75 degrees and there were a few clouds in the bright blue sky.  A perfect day to find the golf ball in flight to the next green.   About 60 golfers enjoyed a beautiful day for a “Big Cup” golf outing.  This was the fifth year the Hayward Lions Club sponsored a “Big Cup” event.   This event has proven to be very popular with local golf enthusiasts.  It was possible to register as an individual or as a team.  For those registering as an individual, the event chairperson, Ray Moeller, assigned them to a team.  The “shot gun start” began at noon and most of the golfers were done golfing about 4:30 p.m.  

At 5:00 p.m., the final rounds of the putting contest (sponsored by Hayward Community Credit Union) began.  Each participant in the golf outing was given three shots to putt a golf ball about 25 feet into the selected hole on the putting green.  Six of the participants were able to accomplish this athletic feat.  These six final contestants were then narrowed down to the top three by each person getting one shot at another hole  selected on the putting green (about 30 feet distance).  None of the top six golfers were able to put their ball in the hole in one stroke–so the top three golfers were determined by measurements.  The winners of the putting contest were:  Logan Konop 1st, Tali Johnson 2nd and Brian Berquist 3rd.  Cash prizes were awarded to the three winners ($125, $75 and $50).  At 5:30 p.m., the group was treated to a buffet meal in the dining room/patio area of the Hayward Golf Club.  Chuck (Hogman) Aubart used his custom made BBQ grill to cook the pork shoulder.  Chuck has done the BBQ for the event the last several years and the participants look forward to his cooking.  Ticket prices were $75 (included 18 holes of golf, golf cart, putting contest, two drink tickets, hole events and Chuck Aubart’s BBQ).

Prizes were awarded after the meal.  The participants were divided into three team divisions (red, green blue).    A cash prize ($300) was awarded to the top team in each division.  The top team in each division was:  Red  Winning Team (Saratoga)–Peggy Dobbs, Jake Novotney, Ryan Smith and Jeff Antilla; Green Winning Team (Mell)–Shelly Mell, Keith Mell, Jeni Strama and Tim Swanson; and the Blue Winning Team (Farley)–Pete Fadness, Dave Farley, Korey Martin and Anthony Martin.   About 25 door prizes were given out to those attending.

Timber Ford sponsored the “hole in one” event at hole 8 (par 3 hole).  If a person would have made a “hole in one” on hole 8, they would have won a two year lease on a 2017 Ford Escape.  They also sponsored two other par 3 holes and it was possible to win prizes at those holes also.  Prizes were awarded at  hole 12 sponsored by Peoples Bank.  Chairpersons for the event were:  Ray Moeller and Dick Grundstrom.  Special assistants were:  Gary Nelson and Liz Korpal



Lions Serve Complimentary Breakfast May 27, 2017

The morning of May 27th was cool but sunny. Much more pleasant than the rainy weather the Hayward area had been going through previously. The Hayward Lions traditionally have served a breakfast on Memorial Day weekend at the Hayward Veterans Community Center for over 20 years. This was the fifth year the Lions have served a complimentary breakfast. The hours of the breakfast were from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. A record number of people were served (over 250). The breakfast menu was: pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee, tea, milk and juice.

The chairperson for the event was Tina Causey. Music was provided by Mark Simono. Mark has a high quality sound system and provided a variety of music which contributed to a relaxed atmosphere for eating breakfast.

Record Number of Eyeglasses Collected

Nels Beckman, president of the Hayward Lions Club, announced at the recent club meeting that the Wisconsin Lions Clubs had collected 295,308 pairs of used eyeglasses this past year. The Hayward Lions Club collected over 3,000 pairs of eyeglasses this past year. A “Big Thank You” goes out to the Hayward area from the Hayward Lions club members. It is quite amazing for a community of just over 2,000 people to donate over 3,000 pairs of used eyeglasses. The goal for the state of Wisconsin was to collect 100,000 pairs of used eyeglass this year–well that goal was exceeded by quite a bit!

The drop off points for your used eyeglasses are: Salvation Army, People’s National Bank, Veterans Community Center, Johnson Bank, Essentia Health Care (pharmacy), Northwoods Clinic, Family Eye Care, Hayward Community Credit Union and Northview Eye Clinic. The Hayward Lions ship your used eyeglasses to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center located at the Wisconsin Lions Camp in Rosholt, WI. Once there, the glasses are sorted, cleaned, categorized by prescription and prepared for distribution. Where there is a need–there is a Lion. With help from the local community, eye care for those in need is going to be more available. The Hayward Lions Club wishes to thank the Hayward area for their continued support.

Hayward Lions Plan Golf Outing For June 9, 2017

This will be the fourth year the Hayward Lions Club will be hosting a “Big Cup” golf outing. It has proven to be very well received by the golfers attending the event. Normal attendance ranges from 60 to 70 golfers. So–by popular demand–the Hayward Lions Club is again hosting a “Big Cup” golf outing. The event will be hosted at the Hayward Golf Course. The date will be June 9, 2017 and the starting time will be 12:00 noon. There will be a “shot gun” start. It is possible to register as a team or as an individual. The contestant signing up as an individual will be assigned a team by the event chairperson (Ray Moeller). There will be three divisions based on the contestant’s handicap. Tickets ($75) can be purchased from Hayward Lions Club members or at the Hayward Golf Club. The golf outing started several years ago as a fund raiser for the club. The Hayward Lions have several fund raising activities during the year. As a result of the fund raising activities (the largest is the Lions Pre-Birkie chaired by Stephanie Poplin), the Hayward Lions Club is able to give back to the community about $45,000 year.

For those that are not familiar with a “Big Cup” golf outing, the size of the cup on the green is about double the normal size. The “Big Cup” will be positioned in a different location on the green than the regular cup–this makes it a bit more of a challenge. There are also other rule changes that go along with the “Big Cup” venue. Ticket prices will be $75 (includes 18 holes of golf, golf cart, putting contest, two drink tickets, hole events and Chuck Aubart’s pig roast). Most par three holes will have “hole in one” prizes. The prize for one of the “hole in one” (hole 14) will be a two year lease on a new Ford car (sponsored by Timber Ford). At hole 3, Ben Kanters (golf pro at Hayward Golf Club) will be featuring “Beat the Pro”. Ben has done this event for several years. The person “Beating the Pro”, will win the 50/50 collected at that hole.

The putting contest will have the following prizes: 1st $125, 2nd $75 and 3rd $50 (cash prizes). The putting contest will be sponsored by Hayward Community Credit Union. As part of the entrance fee, each golfer is able to participate in the putting contest. There are usually two different levels that need to be passed before the winner of the contest is named. At the first level, each golfer is given a chance to putt the ball into the cup from a distance of about 20 feet. If the golfer is able to putt the ball into the cup with one stroke, he/she will automatically go into the second round. In order to complete a field of about 10 golfers the other golfers have measurements taken as to how close their ball came to the pin. The field of ten will be completed by choosing those golfers closest to the pin. The second level needs to putt the ball to a different hole and from a greater distance on the putting green. The second level putt is about 30 feet. If there is more than one person who makes the putt from this distance (one stroke), a run off would occur. If no person putts their ball into the cup (one stroke), the person closest to the pin wins.

If anyone needs more information regarding this event, please contact Ray Moeller (715-634-4911) or Dick Grundstrom (715-934-2989)