Recognition of Dave Seymour For Years Of Active Service

Dave Seymour (Walking Eagle) has been an active member of the Hayward Lions Club since 1991. Dave announced at the last Lions Club Meeting (June 2, 2016) that he was going to retire from his current club responsibilities.

Dave was “Mr. Popcorn” at the annual Fishing Has No Boundaries weekend gathering at the Lake Chippewa Campground. On behalf of the Hayward Lions Club, Dave for almost 25 years popped corn and gave a bag to any of the participants that wanted one. Dave popped corn each day of the weekend gathering.

Lions International is known for their work regarding eyesight. This is one of the top priorities for Lions International. For over 10 years, Dave was responsible for collecting used eyeglasses in the Hayward community. Once the used eyeglasses were collected in the Hayward area, they were sent to a central collection point here in the United States. From the central U.S. collection point, the glasses were shipped literally around the world. Many impoverished people around the world have received used glasses and were able to see for the first time in many years. Dave was also one of the drivers for the Lions eye bank program. Dave over the years made many trips from the Hayward area to Eau Claire delivering donor eyes.

The Hayward Lions Club has a mint candy program. The candy rolls are placed at the counters of many local businesses. Dave was responsible for keeping the candy boxes well stocked for many years. The money from this program is used to help fund the Lions Camp at Rosholt, WI. This camp is designed for handicapped participants. The participants are able to attend the camp for a week at no charge. Over the years, the Hayward area has sent several campers to the Lions camp at no charge to the participant. This program has served thousands of handicapped people over the years from all over the country.

Dave built “Snoopy” model airplanes. Dave would give them out as an award to Lions club members at the awards ceremony held each fall. Dave also made some of the “Snoopy” planes for sale with the proceeds going to one of the Lions club projects Dave felt was especially worthwhile. He was known as the “Boss of the Shed” for many years. It was his responsibility to keep an inventory of the items stored in the Lions shed, keep the shed as neat and clean as possible and keep track of the items that were checked out of the shed. He was part of the team that assembled a mobile propane powered electric generator. The trailer/generator was built so that in a time of emergency some of the local businesses would be able to get power.

Dave will still be an active member of the Hayward Lions Club–he is just turning down the dial from “full speed ahead” to a more moderate pace. If some of the positions Dave has held in the Hayward Lions Club are not mentioned in this tribute–I am sorry about the omission. Thanks Dave for your many years of excellent service!