Recognition of Russ Haling for Years of Service

Russ has been a long time member of the Hayward Lions Club. When Russ goes to the district, state and national conventions, he is widely recognized as one of the premier members of Lions International. He joined the Hayward Lions Club in 1984 (member for over 32 years). Russ retired from the military as a Command Sargent Major in 1971. When he left Vietnam in 1971, he moved back to the Wausau, WI area. During that period of time, Russ had a cabin on Moose Lake which he eventually replaced with a new home. He moved permanently to the Hayward area in 1971.

Russ has been extremely active as a Lions Club member. At the local level, Russ has held numerous officers positions such as: 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Health Fair Chairperson, Golf Outing Chairperson, Musky Fest Chairperson, Membership Chairperson and has worked on numerous work projects for the club. A couple of years ago, Russ received his 30 year pin indicating membership in the Hayward Lions club for 30 years. Russ has been presented with two of the most prestigious awards a Lion can receive (Melvin Jones and Birch-Sturm). Lions International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones. This Fellowship Award (LCIF) is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism. The recipient of this award becomes a model because of the exemplary service to his club and the community for which it serves. The Birch-Sturm Fellowship was created by the Wisconsin Lions Foundation to honor those individuals who exemplify undying dedication and commitment to Lionism. The Fellowship is named after Wisconsin’s only International Presidents, Frank V. Birch and Clarence L. Sturm who were great supporters of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation.

At the district level (District 27 E-1), Russ is a Past District Governor. He was also a Zone Chair and a Region Chair for District 27 E-1. At the state level, he held the position of Council Chairperson. Being a Council Chairperson is the highest office a Lion can hold at the state level. At the national level, Russ was appointed by the President of Lions International to be State Extension Chairperson. In this position, Russ was responsible for forming six new Lions clubs in the State of Wisconsin. Some of those clubs are: Seeley Lions Club, Chequamegon Lions Club and the Cumberland Lions Club. By forming these six new clubs, Russ helped to increase the membership in Lions International by several hundred.

Russ has been an esteemed member of Lions International for more than 30 years–he has been a tremendous asset to the Hayward Lions Club. Thanks Russ for your many years of loyal service both to the local Lions club and Lions International!