Vision Testing

The Hayward Lions Club has been very active in making vision testing available to school age children in the Hayward area for many years. This year the chairperson is Linda Euneau. Vision testing will be done on: September 27th and 29th, October 4th and 5th. Vision testing will be also done in November, 2016 but no dates have been set. This year the testing will been done at the ICAA Hayward Head Start, LCO Head Start, StarBright Daycare and the FACE program at LCO school. During the normal testing year, about 200 students will be tested. It is not unusual for a student to fail the vision test–in this case the student is encouraged to make an appointment with a local optometrist. The Hayward Lions Club will help pay for the glasses when a student is in a position where glasses are needed but the cost is greater than the family can afford.